Tools for a Happy, Peaceful and Fulfilling Life

At Santa Cruz Neurofeedback Center and the Center for Transformational Neurophysiology, our goal is to help you to maximize your capacity and life a more successful and fulfilling life.  Whether you are seeking increased focus, decreased anxiety, elevated mood, help with learning disorders or simply wish to tune your brain for peak performance, we can help you achieve your goals. We integrate traditional approaches to healing, such as breath training, meditation and massage with the latest in biofeedback, neurofeedback and entrainment technologies, to help you achieve maximal results. We also offer research support services for those engaging in physiologocal regulation, consciousness and brainwave studies.


Is Biofeedback for You?


Studies show that neurofeedback produces longer lasting results in the treatment of such conditions as ADHD and anxiety than are typically achieved with treatment by medications. Unlike treatment with medication, side effects from neurofeedback are rare. more

Stress or Anxiety Management, Our Holistic Approach

He looks so stressed. Have anything in common with you?


Children experience stress, too, so we see clients from age four (generally) to adult.


We take a holistic approach at the Center for all of our clients. Each biofeedback program is custom made and may include massage, audio entrainment, hypnotherapy, coaching and other holistic modalities. Expect to start feeling better within a few weeks, and learn to manage daily stress and anxiety for your lifetime. more

Chronic Pain and Nervous System Retraining

The Neuromassage approach, created by our director, Langdon Roberts, provides highly effective relief from Chronic Pain. Neuromassage massage is a unique therapeutic system that combines bodywork and biofeedback to improve health by making intentional changes in the relationships between the brain, the nerves, the organs and the muscles. It works by retraining the physiology of your pain response. more


Biofeedback, neurofeedback and massage therapy can provide substantial benefit to most people who suffer from depression. Biofeedback and neurofeedback teach clients how to gain influence over their mood, and to manage the anxiety that is often associated with depression. more

Spiritual Development through Science

For thousands of years, spiritual seekers have used techniques such as sitting meditation, chanting, Chi Gung, Tai Chi, and breath training to make them more receptive to the experience of directly perceiving the Divine. Many practitioners of these disciplines are unaware that by doing these techniques, they are actually shifting and re-tuning their physiology. Neuroscience has now demonstrated that there are specific, predictable shifts that occur in patterns of heart and brain activity, when devotees are successful in applying these techniques toward their intended goal. more

Trainings and Coaching to get you and keep you on track

  • Heart Centered Awareness
  • ADHD coaching
  • Life Skills coaching
  • Emotional Freedom Technique
  • NLP- Neuro Linguistic Programming

Our programs offer individual solutions to help you get your life working well. With the advent of technologies like email and texting, we can stay in contact easily to help you feel supported as you develop new habits that serve you. Our programs are more affordable than traditional coaching, so if you haven't had a coach to hold your highest vision as you take on the tasks at hand, now is the time!

Unconventional and Fun LABS!

Join us for brain training, games, improving your balance and flexibility, relaxation, or enhancing your current training programs. If you have never tried biofeedback before, this may be a good way to experience it at a nominal charge. Please keep in mind, though, that the best way to have results is with a competant practitioner at our Center. These labs are self directed and do not come with a practitioner at hand!  More

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